What's at the core of UCLA? What's the motivation, the catalyst, the drive to challenge the status quo?

It's the "True Bruin" code and the UCLA Principles of Community, which together represent our unique set of ethical standards. They welcome incoming students, unite the campus and project UCLA's magnanimous image outward. They commit us to maintaining an open and inclusive environment that nurtures the growth and development of the UCLA community. They represent not only what is expected of UCLA students on campus — they provide a blueprint for how Bruins can positively impact the world.

Integrity, excellence, accountability, respect and service are the founding principles of the "True Bruin" code, but these words alone won't impact the greater good. "True Bruin" promotes action; it is the spark behind every community service program at the UCLA Volunteer Center, it celebrates diversity on campus and in the community, and it has been the catalyst for more than a decade of reducing waste and increasing efficiency through the UCLA Sustainability Committee.

'True Bruin' is a guiding force in UCLA's vision of the future, whether it's environmental sustainability, openness to new people and ideas, or the campus-wide selflessness that keeps UCLA in the Top 10 in the nation for volunteerism.
Integrity. Excellence. Accountability. Respect. Service.